COOL DH newsletter #1: September 2018

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Welcome to COOL DH newsletter #1

With close to one year into the COOL DH project we are now ready to launch our first newsletter. Here you will find a mix of the status on each demo site, reports on the different deliverables and innovations within the project, upcoming events and other useful information. We will publish the newsletter twice a year on the website and further distribute it via the consortium members.

For those of you who are new to COOL DH, the objective of its action is to support cities in their endeavor to plan and deploy new, efficient DHC systems and extend, refurbish existing ones to higher standards. Thus allowing greater uptake of renewables, recovering of excess heat or cold while improving the overall efficiency of the systems.

Status of the demo sites


A new tramway is being built in Lund, reaching from Lund central station to the growing district of Brunnshög. The LTDH-grid will supply the tramway stations with excess heat, keeping them free from snow and ice.

The LTDH-grid has been connected to the future tramway depot, together with electricity, fiber optic and water and sewerage system. As the construction continues, working close with the tramway project and Skanska that is conducting the excavation work at the site.

Kraftringen will build the grid to MAX IV in 2019, still awaiting some data on ground heights. Project planning of the grid in Science Village Scandinavia is underway, however we are still awaiting the detailed development plan.

Pipes for the tramway depot in Brunnshög, Lund.


In Høje-Taastrup the work has been concentrated on the tenants decision process and design of the Østerby district.

The tenants have voted and have decided to go for the conversion to modern low temperature district heating. The project will comprise about 1500 meter of a new type of plastic pipes that are developed by our partner Logstor. Heat loss in pipes is expected to be reduced from 67 kW to 37 kW i.e. to about 11% of delivered energy and net as preliminary figures that is an improvement of >45% savings.

Work is now concentrating on the recovery of waste heat from a large shopping mall that will supply the Østerby area with low temperature district heating. The new pipe system in Østerby will be established in the spring 2019.

Reports and demonstration

We have now published a couple of documents on the website that might be interesting for you to take part of:

COOL DH coverage

Social media mentions

We are now launching our project hashtag #cool_dh. Make sure to look for the hashtag on social media and follow the twitter accounts @EuroheatPower and @DHCPlus for the latest news on the project.

Seminars and conferences

COOL DH at Nordic Clean Energy Week
Kraftringen and Alfa Laval held a presentation on COOL DH at the Nordic Clean Energy Week (NCEW). With an audience of about 130 people, the presentation created a lot of interest in the COOL DH project. NCEW was a side event to The Ninth Clean Energy Ministerial and Third Mission Innovation Ministerial (CEM9/MI-3) where politicians, scientists, industry etcetera met to discuss the energy solutions of the future. Continue reading

Articles and newsletters

This is a selection of recent articles featuring COOL DH:

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Until next time

Please visit our website for continuous updates on the project. Please feel welcome to contact members of the consortium it you have any questions. You will find information about each partner on the following link:

Upcoming events

13th – 14th of November

Sara Kralmark, project manager at Kraftringen, will talk on the Swedish conference Stora Biokraft- och Värmekonferensen. Focus on the presentation is COOL DH and the world’s largest LTDH-grid in Brunnshög. More info: