Follow the links to find all COOL DH public reports. We hope that they will inspire and give you new insights on how to improve the efficiency on district heating and cooling systems.

Summary Report

This report summarizes all deliverables in COOL DH.

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Deliverables on COOL DH innovations

Download reports and learn more about innovations within the COOL DH-project. The main focus is to propose and to develop integrated smart city LTDH system solutions and system optimisation.

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Demonstration of COOL DH innovations

Download reports and learn more about demonstrations within the COOL DH-project.

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Business plans and legislations

From price models to legislative frameworks. In COOL DH we investigate how to make business in the world of LTDH.

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This is where we gather all webinars that we produce in COOL DH. We hope that they will provide you with some insights from the project that are useful for everyone working with district heating.

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Information material and videos

On this page you will find information material about COOL DH.

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Find the results for our thematic workshops on demand, distribution and supply of LTDH.

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