LTDH-heated benches installed in Lund


Kraftringen are opening up to make the LTDH-grid in Brunnshög a testbed for creative solutions, as well as promoting good cooperation of parties active in the DH sector. One example are the newly installed, artistic LTDH-heated benches at Möllegården.

In cooperation with Science Village Scandinavia and artist Robert Hais, LTDH-heated benches was installed at Möllegården, Brunnshög in Lund. The idea is that, post-corona, Möllegården will be a Visitor Center for Brunnshög, including information of the area and also a café. The heated benches are placed in the garden in the serving area of the café, amongst some trees. The installation aims to increase the awareness of the visitors, both in terms of district heating and problems of global warming.

How the heating of the benches work

The benches are cast in concrete with plastic pipes for the heating system (same as is used underfloor heating systems). Since glycol is added to the water in the system to avoid freezing, the heating system itself origins from a secondary connection after the primary heat exchanger with its own heat exchanger and expansion vessel. Heat will be provided at around 40-45°C to achieve a good temperature at the surface of the benches. The benches are connected to the secondary side at Möllegården, which is in turn connected to the LTDH-grid.

The trench for the benches installed with LTDH-heat.

The trench for the DH pipes to the heated benches. The pipe installed is a CU 22-pipe.

Coupling of the pipes at the junction point

The DH heat exchanger installation.












The heating system will be operating daytime during the cold period of the year, preliminary when the outdoor temperature is between -4°C and +8°C. In connection to the benches there will be a sign with information on how to utilize heat in a good and sustainable way, as a way of educating and raising awareness amongst the visitors of the café and the area.

The finished LTDH-connected benches that will be heated in the cold period of the year.

Are you interested in the LTDH-grid in Brunnshög as a testbed?

The benches are one example on how the LTDH-grid in Brunnshög can be used as a testbed for creative solutions with LTDH. If your company has its own ideas on how to use LTDH in the public environment, please contact:

Markus Falkvall, project manager at Kraftringen