Emanuele Zilio

New design concepts for optimisation of LTDH distribution systems

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In this report you will learn about the design process of a low-temperature district heating network, highlighting the design factors that lead to reduction of heat losses in the distribution pipes. To demonstrate the technology, two real-scale demonstration projects are described in Høje-Taastrup, Denmark and in Lund, Sweden. Emanuele Zilio, engineer at COWI A/S, gave a short interview to summarize the report

Solutions for local integration of renewable energy sources (RES)

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This deliverable summarizes and gives an overview of existing and newly developed technical solutions used for the domestic hot water production that can be implemented in low temperature or ultra-low temperature district heating networks, and that can increase the share of renewable energy in the building sector.

Invitation to external partners to be part of a test bed for Low Temperature District Heating

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Kraftringen is building a unique low temperature district heating network. We invite external partners to demonstrate various innovative products and practises in this grid. The test bed is under development, but we are open for ideas from…
Lund 180620 Sara Kralmark på Kraftringen. Foto: André de Loisted

LTDH connected appliances – eliminating electricity topping of temperature

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Kraftringen and COWI A/S have produced this report that shortly describes the technology and history of HWC (Heating Water Circuit) appliances, as well as traditional dishwashers that are connected to hot tap water and washing machines with both hot and cold water connections.

How to optimize cascade couplings for best use of low temperature sources

Kraftringen and COWI A/S have worked together on a paper that describes the analysis of energy efficiency in heat pump systems that recover waste heat from low temperature heat sources for District Heating. Martin Gierow, chemical engineer and…


Lunds kommun

Hållbart byggande på Brunnshög

I framtidens stad ställs helt andra krav på hållbarhet än idag. Brunnshög ska vara ett europeiskt föredöme; en pionjär som står längst fram i utvecklingen. Välkommen på detta frukostseminarium där vi bjuder på en god frukostmacka, samtidigt som du får veta mer om några av de spännande satsningar på tema hållbar stadsutveckling som pågår i Brunnshög. 
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Fjärrvärmedagarna is an annual event about the development of district heating in Sweden. This year Kraftringen will present COOL DH on the second day of the conference. 
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COOL DH Innovation Webinar, 12th December 2018, 11 am–12 noon

In this first webinar in the project we will be sharing some of the findings from the first year of COOL DH and the innovation part of the project. 
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Distributionsdagarna is a Swedish, national conference targeting professionals within distribution of district heating. Anders Jirdén and Markus Falkvall from Kraftringen will attend the conference and present COOL DH. Follow the link for…
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Stora Biokraft- och Värmekonferensen

Sara Kralmark, project manager at Kraftringen, will talk on Stora Biokraft- och Värmekonferensen, a Swedish conference arranged by Svebio. The presentation will focus on COOL DH and the world’s largest LTDH-grid in Brunnshög. More information…