Draft design manual for new pipe components for LTDH distribution systems underground


The implementation of LTDH network and the development of the DH pipes production allow the use of in flexible plastic pipes also for main lines. This deliverable provides the draft of the installation manual of the new pipe components for LTDH distribution systems in Høje-Taastrup in Denmark and Lund in Sweden. We asked Klaus G. Lauridsen from Logstor A/S a couple of questions regarding the deliverable.

What is the purpose of this deliverable?

The purpose of the report was to present and explain the installation process of the new pipe components for LTDH networks. It will mainly be used to educate the installers about the installation operations of the new pipe components for LTDH, first in Østerby district in Denmark and then in Brunnshög district in Sweden.

What are the main attributes of the new pipes that makes it require a manual?

The new PE-RT pipes introduce many new characteristics in the following fields:

  • New plastic material (PE-RT instead of PEX)
  • New improved insulation material
  • Integrated oxygen and vapor barrier
  • New coupling methods (also weldable)
  • Surveillance system (leak detection)
  • More flexible pipes
  • Larger dimension than normal PEX

Is the manual available to read?

Since this is confidential deliverable we do not hand it out to anyone outside of the project. However, if there is an interest in learning more about the new pipe components and installation we are happy to try to arrange a meeting or a presentation. Contact:

Reto Hummelshøj, COWI A/S