Technical workshop: Low temperature district heating

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We arranged a technical workshop to share our experiences and hear other cities thoughts about low temperature district heating. 

On March 23, we gathered the municipalities and energy companies from three Swedish cities to talk about low temperature district heating together with the COOL DH project team and relevant companies.

The cities Halmstad, Landskrona and Helsingborg participated and shared their thoughts and experiences with us. The discussions touched upon the difficulties and possibilities when implementing a low district heating system and the prerequisites needed, the right combination of waste heat, a new development area and the right location. Officials from the three municipalities and the energy companies got the chance to discuss potential replication locations together in their respective city.

Further, the energy company Kraftringen presented the low temperature district heating system in Brunnshög, Lund, Logstor presented their experiences and plans around the new plastic PR-RT pipes and COWI presented different district energy cases in Denmark. We also took a walk around Brunnshög and a closer look inside of the building Xplorion. Thank you all who participated!