Producing heating, cooling and surplus heating for the LTDH grid

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Heat pumps installed in MAX IV

In COOL DH we develop and demonstrate a range of technologies to supply low-temperature networks with heat without compromising the users’ comfort and the efficiency of the district heating system. In Lund, Kraftringen has installed a heat recovery system at MAX IV research facility, supplying the new Brunnshög district with low temperature district heating.

The heat recovery system installed at MAX IV

The transition to low-temperature supply in district heating networks requires new technical solutions to meet the heat requirements of the consumers and guarantee their safety, mainly in connection to the possibility of Legionella contamination through the domestic hot water system. At the same time, there is no room for compromising the efficiency of the district heating system.

The heat recovery system installed at MAX IV facility will recover the heat produced by the cooling system and supply it to the new district heating network in Brunnshög district. Thus, the district heating will be entirely supplied by hydropower. The system is composed by a series of heat pumps that aim to fulfil the cooling demand of the research facility and, at the same time, recover the heat produced in the process to supply the LTDH network connected to the Brunnshög district. The heat pump system was designed with energy efficiency in mind and includes:

  • Division into several temperature levels
  • Optimisation of the cooling temperatures
  • Cascade coupling of the individual units

Capacity pf the heat recovery system

The total installed capacity is 5.8 MW for the heating circuit and 5.2 MW for the cooling circuit. The system will supply both the high and low-temperature district heating network. The estimated heat production for the low-temperature network is 20,000 MWh per year.

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We hope that the installation at MAX IV will inspire further developments on LTDH-systems and for it to be replicated in other places. Kraftringen is happy to answer questions regarding the system at MAX IV and are regularly welcoming visitors to the site.