12 Dec 2018


11:00 am - 12:00 pm



COOL DH Innovation Webinar, 12th December 2018, 11 am–12 noon

In this first webinar in the project we will be sharing some of the findings from the first year of COOL DH and the innovation part of the project.

11.00: Introduction to COOL DH by project manager Reto Hummelshøj, COWI A/S.

11.05: What are the solutions for avoiding risk of Legionella?
Presentation by Kerstin Sernhed, Lund University.

11.15: How to optimise cascade couplings for best use of low temperature sources
Presentation by Martin Gierow, Kraftringen

11.25: Possible LTDH-system solutions for multifamily houses and tertiary buildings
Presentation by Arnela Kursumovic, Kraftringen.

11.35: LTDH connected appliances – eliminating electricity topping of temperature
Presentation by Sara Kralmark, Kraftringen.

11.45: New design concepts for optimisation of LTDH distribution systems.
Presentation by Emanuele Zilio, COWI A/S.

11.55: Closing words by Reto Hummelshøj, COWI A/S.