After five years the COOL DH project has come to an end. Thank you everybody who has followed us over the years!

During the project lifetime, we have planned, developed, researched, and implemented new ways of low-temperature district heating. Now that our project is completed, we look back  and feel proud that COOL DH has been one of the projects leading the way to a more sustainable future and a cleaner and more efficient energy use in Europe.

The main achievements of our COOL DH team are that we:

  • Planned and developed a new low-temperature district heating system in Brunnshög, Lund, where science heats the city.
  • Refurbished the existing district heating system in Østerby, Høje-Taastrup, using a large share of low-grade surplus heat.
  • Contributed with both social and technical knowledge to the field of district heating.
  • Inspired other cities and stakeholders to develop similar solutions through multiple dissemination activities.

If you’re curious to know more, check out our website pages Innovation and Deliverables and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We wish you all good luck on your district heating path,
The COOL DH Project Team