Join us at The Future of Thermal Grids

The future of thermal grids

On the 25th – 26th of November COOL DH will attend the conference The Future of Thermal Grids, an international conference on district heating & cooling. And you are invited!

About the conference

District heating and cooling is a key to the decarbonisation of Europe and the transition to sustainable energy. District energy networks still has challenges to overcome, but developments in modernizing and digitalizing existing grids and the advances of the next generation district heating and cooling show us the future.

You are invited to a conference with focus on innovative solutions of low temperature networks and in parallel, technologies to future proof the large systems already in operation.

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Program hosted by COOL DH

COOL DH will host an interactive and innovative workshops. Real cases will be used to get an understanding of technical and non-technical challenges. In the workshop we will explore and develop ideas and solutions. You will gain new insights and the diversity of the participants will reveal new ideas to handle the challenges.

We will also host a virtual tour of Brunnshög lowtemp district heating grid arranged by Kraftringen.