Calculator on savings for new high-efficient pipe types for internal distribution in buildings

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The heat losses from the distribution in pipes are often overseen, even though they can reach up to 10-15% of the total energy requirements in new and renovated buildings. The implementation of a better pipe layout and the use of PUR insulated pipes, co-insulated pipes or twin pipes known as DH pipes, can lead to a reduction of heat losses in buildings. This deliverable presents the calculation tool and guidelines for calculating the heat loss from the distribution pipes in buildings.

The tool was developed with Microsoft Excel. The calculator guidelines guides the user through the settings of Microsoft Excel to start the calculations and afterwards it gives an overview of the inputs that the user can select during the calculation.

Furthermore, the note shows how the results can be saved in the simulation tool and the possible errors that can be found during the calculation process.

COOL DH_calculator (zip-file)

Calculator guidelines COOL DH