Presentation of Project Partners

The COOL DH consortium consists of the utilities and municipalities of the two cities Lund (SE) and Høje-Taastrup (DK) and leading DH energy specialists as well as leading industrial manufacturers.


COWI A/S is an international operating consultant within energy, engineering, environment and economy and a specialist leader in district heating. COWI A/S is also a specialist on TERMIS, a district energy optimization software, for Schneider Electric.

The main roles of COWI are:

  • Project coordination.
  • System integrator of innovative LTDH solutions.
  • TERMIS simulations.
  • Develop business models and economic evaluation.
  • Reporting.

Reto M. Hummelshøj, Project Coordinator
E-mail: rmh@cowi.com
Website: www.cowi.com

Kraftringen Energi AB is a district heating and power utility. It covers and is owned by five municipalities in the south east of Sweden with its main office in Lund. The main roles of Kraftringen Energi are:

  • In charge of implementing the LTDH installations in Sweden.
  • To make connections to ESS (The European Spallation Source) and Max IV Laboratory.
  • Transform district heating supply to low temperature. Offering operation of LTDH substations in buildings.

Martin Gierow, Project Manager at Kraftringen
E-mail: Martin.Gierow@kraftringen.se
Website: www.kraftringen.se


Høje-Taastrup is a municipality in Denmark. Its participation in COOL DH is represented by a section that is in charge of climate and energy planning, approving district heating developments, construction and environmental approval in Høje-Taastrup . The main roles of Høje-Taastrup are:

  • To prepare a DH data planning platform that covers all buildings in the municipality related to heating supply, energy demand, building efficiency and use.
  • To approve project and legislative procedures.
  • To disseminate results on how LTDH can be implemented in larger scale.
  • CO₂ monitoring.

Marie Louise Lemgart, Climate Consultant
E-mail: Marie-LouiseLe@htk.dk
Website: www.htk.dk


Lund is a municipality in Sweden. Its participation in COOL DH is represented by a section that is in charge of climate and energy planning, approving district heating developments, construction and environmental approval. The main roles of Lund are:

  • To set demands on development areas served by LTDH.
  • To plan and disseminate how LTDH can be implemented in larger scale.
  • CO₂ monitoring.

Markus Paulsson, Energy Strategist
E-mail: Markus.Paulsson@lund.se
Website: www.lund.se


Lund University is represented by the faculty of engineering. Its extensive experience in research, education, training and dissemination is of high relevance to the project.

The main roles of Lund University are to monitor, evaluate, train, and disseminate results.

Patrick Lauenburg and Kerstin Sernhed, Senior Lecturers in Energy Sciences
E-mail: Patrick.Launeburg@energy.lth.se or Kerstin.Sernhed@energy.lth.se
Website: www.energy.lth.se


Euroheat & Power is an international association representing the District Heating and Cooling and Combined Heat and Power sector in Europe and beyond. The DHC+ Technology platform, a part of Euroheat & Power, leads the dissemination and exploitation activities in the project.

Alessandro Provaggi, Head of DHC+ Technology Platform
E-mail: ap@eurpheat.org
Website: www.euroheat.org; www.dhcplus.eu

Logstor A/S is a worldwide recognised supplier of high quality prefabricated district heating pipes.

The main role of Logstor A/S is to supply new pipe solutions for LTDH and development of multimedia pipes.

Kristian Haldrup Overgaard, Technology and R&D department.
E-mail: kho@logstor.com
Website: www.logstor.com


Høje Taastrup Fjernvarme amba is a utility in charge of district heating and cooling in the area of Høje-Taastrup municipality.

The main role of Høje Taastrup Fjernvarme is to be in charge of implementing the LTDH installations, energy storage and district cooling in Denmark.

Uffe Schleiss, Operation and Project MAnager
E-mail: Uffe.Schleiss@hft.dk
Website: www.htf.dk


COWI AB is a subsidiary of COWI A/S with many offices in Sweden. Its main role in the project is to assist COWI DK.


Jenny Jamot, Project Engineer, Project Design
E-mail: jejt@cowi.com
Website: www.cowi.se



Cetetherm is a leading manufacturer and supplier of prefabricated substations with a history in the field going back all the way to the 1960’s. A Nordic company with specialists within district heating, district cooling and domestic hot water solutions. Headquarters in Sweden but local representation in the main district energy markets around the world.

The main roles of Cetetherm in the Cool DH project are:

  • To supply substations and micro heat exchangers for the demo site in Lund.
  • To be part of the LTDH showcase at the site in Lund.

Mårten Ahlm, KAM & Application Development within District Energy.
E-mail: Marten.Ahlm@cetetherm.com
Website: www.cetetherm.com

Rolf Jönsson, KAM & Application Development within District Energy.
E-mail: Rolf.joensson@cetetherm.com


Lunds Kommuns Fastighets AB, LKF, is a housing company that is owned by the municipal of Lund. The company builds more than 300 sustainable dwellings per year. Its main role in the project is to be in charge of building one of the first innovative demonstration buildings that will integrate LTDH and local RES.

Dennis Kerkhof, Construction Project Manager
E-mail: Dennis.Kerkhof@lkf.se
Website: www.lkf.se


KE KELIT Germany is an Austrian owned industrial manufacturing company specialised in producing plastic pipes and plug-in fitting. KE KELIT is a subcontractor to Logstor A/S. Together they will work close together in the development of the new district heating pipes and connecting methods for the pipes used in the project.

Website: www.kekelit.com


Graphic  of how the consortium is put together and each project partner’s involvement in COOL DH (full line = collaborative development and demonstration, dotted line = user inputs for development).

COOL DH project partners and their roles in the project.