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From the tradition to the future: the Østerby case

In the framework of COOL DH, a new LTDH-grid is built in the district in Høje-Taastrup, Denmark. Nowadays, the standard and old district heating systems are replaced by low-temperature district heating (LTDH) or ultra-low-temperature district heating (ULTDH) networks, where the supply temperature will be respectively between 50-60°C in LTDH and below 50°C in ULTDH.

Discover how it will be possible in this recorded webinar from the 17th of November:


Technical solutions that makes LTDH a success

Technical solutions that makes LTDH a success – this is how we do it! Welcome to join us in a webinar that dives into some of the technical solutions for low temperature district heating.


European technical webinar

After the first European Technical Workshop organised in Brussels in June 2019, it’s now time for the first European Technical Webinar to get feedback from the DHC+ community about the COOL DH results.


Webinar on business models, 17th September 2019,

In this webinar we will discuss legislation frameworks as well as differences between Denmark and Sweden affecting the business models. We will also discuss the overall features of the business models concerning LTDH in the two countries.


COOL DH Innovation Webinar, 12th December 2018

In this first webinar in the project we will be sharing some of the findings from the first year of COOL DH and the innovation part of the project.