Incorporating a distributed, local waste heat source into the LTDH grid

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As the temperature in the DH grids generally, and LTDH grids specifically, is gradually lowered it allows for new types of production to be included in the grid. The value of waste heat from “prosumers” has been considered too low in terms of temperature and volume, but that is no longer the case.

In this deliverable Kraftringen has shown a way to incorporate local waste heat into the LTDH-grid by making two separate connections to a hotel in Southern Brunnshög in Lund. The customer is connected to both district heating and district cooling. The output from each of these connections are used at the central heat pumps. The use of heat is rendering a cooler return flow, and the use of cooling is rendering a warmer return flow to the heat pumps, thus producing new district cooling and heating. For the district cooling, plastic pipes were used instead of steel pipes. This is a better alternative than steel pipes when it comes to both economic and ecological aspects.

This deliverable shows that consumers can become prosumers by delivering medium grade heat that is recovered and returned to the LTDH system.

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