This is the where you will find all COOL DH public reports. We hope that they will inspire and give you new insights on how to improve the efficiency on district heating and cooling systems.

Report on solutions for avoiding risk of Legionella

Low temperatures in domestic hot water systems increases the risk of growth of Legionella bacteria which if inhaled can cause Pontiac fever or Legionnaires’ disease. Lund University, Kraftringen and COWI have worked on a report that investigates solutions for avoiding risk of Legionella when using LTDH.

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Working paper on LTDH connected appliances – washing machines, dishwashers etc. eliminating electricity topping of temperature.

Kraftringen and COWI A/S have produced this report that shortly describes the technology and history of HWC (Heating Water Circuit) appliances, as well as traditional dishwashers that are connected to hot tap water and washing machines with both hot and cold water connections. The appliances are evaluated in the context of LTDH (Low Temperature District Heating).

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Working paper on optimising cascade couplings for optimal use of low temperature sources

This report studies parameter variations of cascade couplings of heat pumps used to produce district heating based on low temperature heat sources of 7-23°C. The study concludes that the way to reach high energy performance is to put effort into several various aspects. When combined, these efforts will combine into large potential energy savings.

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Flyer – this is COOL DH

This flyer presents the main parts of the project and will give you a quick, overall introduction to let you know what COOL DH is.
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