Inspiration: LTDH in the public space

What would be possible if we had close to an unlimited amount of lukewarm water? After conducting workshops, exploring existing ideas and promote low temperature district heating to the public we ended up with some exiting ideas on how to use LTDH in the public space. We hope that this will inspire and help think outside the box when reflecting on the additional possibilities with low temperature district heating grids in cities.


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  1. Frank Reif
    Frank Reif says:

    Great ideas.

    How about warm greenhouses providing urban communities with vertical farming allotments? Combining both warmth and food security into public and community spaces.

    This could be done where obsolete air sourced ventilation systems are modified to create roof top greenhouses.

    Fresh oxygenated dehumidified air from these greenhouses could then be used as an integral part of air quality control in the HRVS.

    Further research into the human microbiome may be able to use these spaces to create urban biodiversity oases to improve public health due to contact with healthy microbes in the local environment.

    Grow lights to improve productivity could also provide daylight conditions during the winter months to improve mental health.

    These greenhouse could also provide distributed thermal energy storage to improve the load factor of the heat network during winter. Or an evaporative cooling surface for AC in summer.

    Thermal regulation of these green houses may be easier to engineer with an active envelope using a mixture of windows for lighting and hybrid solar thermal and PV systems with +90% thermodynamic efficiencies.

    These technologies all sound very advance for marketing purposes but are technically readily available in the workforce in other sectors, allowing for a just transition away from the carbon economy.

    All around, a very exciting sector. Keep it up!


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