In classic district heating grids, up to 15-20 % of all the energy produced does not reach the customers due to heat losses. This is a weakness with district heating which we are addressing in COOL DH.

The heat loss of district heating pipes is a weakness with district heating. However, these losses can be minimized or even recovered. In COOL DH, Kraftringen has demonstrated a solution by adding smaller pipes containing brine, and fixating them on the district heating pipe, to collect energy. A heat pump was installed to utilize the heat loss from the heat pump. The recovered heat can be offered to selected consumers, or be brought back to the district heating system again.

The demonstration site was a gym center in Lomma, Lund. The recovered heat was used to warm up tap water for showers. The monitoring performed by Lund University shows that the solution works, but more monitoring is needed to know more details on the economic results.

The pipes were supplied by Logstor.

The demonstration site in Lomma where Kraftringen installed heat-recovery enabled pipes for low temperature district heating.

More information

If you are interested in learning more about the heat-recovery enabled pipes, please contact:

Holger Feurstein, Project Manager at Kraftringen

Per-Olof Johansson