COOL DH at the Nordic Clean Energy Week

Sara Kralmark and Göran Strandberg from Kraftringen together with Mårten Ahlm from Alfa Laval held a presentation on COOL DH at the Nordic Clean Energy Week. With an audience of about 130 people, the presentation created a lot of interest in the COOL DH project.

COOL DH presented on Nordic Clean Energy Week

Kraftringen and Alfa Laval took the opportunity to present COOL DH at the Nordic Clean Energy Week (NCEW), an event parallel to the Ninth Clean Energy Ministerial and Third Mission Innovation Ministerial (CEM9/MI-3). NCEW was hosted in Malmö, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark May 21 – 24 and gathered politicians, scientists, business and industry to discuss future energy solutions.

At the COOL DH seminar, focus was on the Swedish demo site Brunnshög and how to recover waste heat from for example the world renowned science facility MAX IV. Another focus was how to enable more efficient heat distribution through integration of different technologies, networks layouts, new pipe design and materials etc.

The following image was presented at the seminar and will give you an overlook of the project:

Overview COOL DH

If you are interested in learning more about what was said during the presentation, please contact Kraftringen or Alfa Laval. You will find their contact information on our partner site.