31 Mar 2020


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Technical solutions that makes LTDH a success – this is how we do it!

March 31st, 11 am – 12 noon.

Welcome to join us in a webinar that dives into some of the technical solutions for low temperature district heating.

  • Welcome!
  • Technical aspects of the worlds’ largest LTDH-grid in Lund – Markus Falkvall, Kraftringen
  • Innovative new plastic LTDH-pipes with heat recovery for better performance – Klaus G. Lauridsen, Logstor
  • How to integrate LTDH in building installations. – Rolf Jönsson, Cetetherm
  • Summary and closure.

Watch the webinar:

For a better resolution, watch the webinar on the following link: COOL DH Webinar 

The webinar will be available at the website after broadcast.