View from the roof of the spectacular Amager power plant in Copenhagen.

An innovation workshop was held in Copenhagen on 9th and 10th of October with participants from the two EU projects COOL DH and Upgrade DH.

One main purpose of EU projects is to exchange knowledge across the borders. During a workshop combined with site visits the two H2020 projects COOL DH and Upgrade DH joined forces. Danish consulting company COWI is part in both projects, and was also the host of this event.

Ten EU countries were represented at the workshop, and the outcome from different studies were lively discussed among the participants.

On the first day study visits were made in Sweden, where first the Örtofta power plant outside Lund and operated by energy company Kraftringen was visited. The trip continued to the Brunnshög site, where the world’s largest LTDH network was recently inaugurated.

On the second day several site visits in Denmark were made, where the most spectacular was to HOFOR’s Amager plant, opened in 2016. Renowned for its architectural preferences, the slanted roof of the plant offers alpine skiing with three different slopes – practically in the centre of Copenhagen. Another site visit was to Høje Taastrup municipality and residential area Østerby, where low temperature district heating is being installed. This installation is part of the COOL DH project. The day ended with a visit to a solar heating plant, producing energy for district heating.